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Wattamolla Beach Royal National Park, NSW

Jan 10

About Wattamolla Beach

Matthew Flinders, George Bass and a boy named William Martin had been exploring the south-coast from Port Jackson as far upriver to Lake Illawarra. They returned on 29 March 1796 when their boat was forced close in by a southerly gale that evening resulting into an emergency sheltering.[1] The locals called this area Watta Mowlee - meaning "place near running water." Today's spelling is Wattamolla though it originally appeared with its original Aboriginal name recorded during explorer Matthew Flinder's time period which he wrote about while staying here himself; however today we can see how differently some things have changed over centuries!

What to do at Wattamolla Beach?

When you’re pining for the feel of sand between your toes, take a family trip to Wattamolla picnic area in Royal National Park. With loads of options available that will keep everyone happy and content (including water games like snorkelling or swimming), this is one spot where families can spend some quality time together before exploring all there is within reach!

Rent beach chairs if it has been a while since yours have seen use; pack up enough food for an evening meal under cover from rain clouds overhead thanks heavens we live here otherwise what would happen when lightning crashes down? Check out local wildlife-goers love sitting high up so try strolling past their roost trees.


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Name: Decking Wollonogng - Deck Builders

Address: 129 Balgownie Rd, Balgownie NSW 2519

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