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Apr 5

Is a Metal Roof Worth the Investment?

In addition to the cost of a roof, homeowners who are looking at new options should also consider other factors when researching them. We've made it simple. We break down the pros and cons of a metal roof so you know exactly how much your dollar will go.

Metal panel roofs can give your home a modern and timeless look while still being the most reliable roofing system. Most likely, you're reading this and your roof repair Greenville sc needs an upgrade. Metal roofing is a high-end roofing system. As such, you will spend more on quality materials and professional installation. You might be hesitant about spending a lot on metal roofing. Let us help you get started with our breakdown of all the pros and disadvantages.

Advantages of Metal Roofing

  • Metal panels can be very long-lasting. Metal roofs can withstand extreme weather and wind conditions, eliminating the risk of damaging shingles or tiles in severe storms.
  • Metal roofs are fire safety. A metal roof is not able to ignite or fuel a flame as traditional roofing materials.
  • Metal roofs can reflect light, which will result in lower energy consumption. Your home will be more comfortable if it is cooled by sunlight. You might also see an increase in energy savings.
  • Metal roofs have the potential to be one of the longest-lasting roofing systems. With little maintenance required, a metal roof installed correctly can last up to 40-70 years.
  • Metal is extremely customizable so you can create your perfect look for any home. There are many specialty materials to choose from (e.g. copper, zinc, aluminum, etc.) Paint colors and finishes are also available.
  • Metal roofs can be protected from erosion, which is especially important for coastal regions. Saltwater and sand from tropical climates can harm traditional roofing materials, such as shingles, much quicker than roofs in a dry environment.
  • Metal roof materials are more readily available because they are specialty roofing materials. Conventional materials can take longer lead times than metal, which makes it harder for projects to begin in times of shortage. Metal is more accessible if you're eager to get started on your project than shingles.

Metal Roofing has its disadvantages

  • Metal panels can be a pricey material. A roofer is required to install them, with the appropriate training and resources.
  • If not properly insulated, metal roofs can be noisy when there are storms. Installing metal in a climate with more frequent storms is a good idea.
  • Unsane installation might result in costly repairs and increased costs. When looking for roofers who are experienced in installing this roof system, you should exercise extra caution.

There are many advantages to metal roofing. However, every home and homeowner is different. We can help you understand how metal compares to other roofing options. Contact us by clicking below.



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