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High Rated Local Fort Worth Carpet Cleaning Company Stands out Above Their Competition as the Industry Leaders.

May 10

Top Rated Local Fort Worth Carpet Cleaning Company Stands out Above Their Competitors as the Industry Leaders.


A local Fort Worth carpet cleaning company, Cowgirl Chem-Dry is a green carpet cleaner that offers healthier results. It uses a safe, green-certified cleaning product that is safe for your family. Cowgirl Chem-Dry specializes in carpet cleaning. Check out these links to learn more about this Fort Worth carpet cleaning business. 

Cowgirl Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaners

Cowgirl Chem-Dry in Tigard, OR offers an Allergen Treatment for your home. This process eliminates 98.1% of the non-living allergens from carpets, and is safe for the whole family, even pets! Tigard Carpet Cleaning also offers tile and grout cleaning, as well as upholstery cleaning. You can also expect a green, pet-safe cleaning process.

For a free estimate, contact Cowgirl Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning. Their friendly staff is ready to schedule an appointment and provide a no-obligation quote. They will work with your schedule. This service was used for my carpets and some throw rugs. Although I was disappointed that one of my throw rugs had been stained, the technicians were able to fix it quickly.

Cowgirl Chem-Dry is one of the most trusted carpet cleaning companies in Fort Worth and Arlington. Our carpet cleaning process does not use harsh chemicals or detergents. It gives carpets a deep, lasting, healthier clean. Chem-Dry uses the natural cleaning power of carbonation to get dirt out of carpets. This allows for a deeper cleaning and a longer carpet lifespan. Cowgirl Chem Dry is a great way to keep Fort Worth homes healthy.

Lauren and Brandon Russell own Cowgirl Chem-Dry, which is family-owned and operated. We are a small business that serves Fort Worth, Texas, and the surrounding areas of Tarrant County. We provide both commercial and residential services. We are experts in carpet cleaning, pet smell removals, tile and grout clean, wood floor cleaning and polishing, specialty rug cleaning and special area rug cleaning. We offer an electrocleaning service to clean your house or office.

Our technicians are veterans and offer exceptional customer service. Cowgirl Chem-Dry is Fort Worth's premier dry cleaning company for more than 25 years. We enjoy spending time with family and enjoying running the business.

The history of Chem-Dry 

Robert Harris started his journey to law school in 1970 as a carpet cleaner at another carpet cleaning business. Harris was quickly dissatisfied by the performance of existing cleaning products and started to search for a better way. Harris spent many years studying the chemical reactions and chemical properties of various cleaning products. Harris also tried out different cleaning methods. This was similar in nature to Edison's 100 attempts to make the perfect lightbulb.

Robert Harris eventually found the perfect cleaning solution. The unique carbonated cleaning solution was non-toxic and safe. Harris started Chem-Dry, and quickly the demand for his exceptional cleaning services grew exponentially. His entrepreneurial journey turned into a successful success, which has grown steadily since the early 1970's. The original Chem-Dry network was limited to a handful of locations. Over the decades, it has grown to include thousands of successful franchises around the globe, including Cowgirl Chem-Dry, based in Fort Worth.

Chem Dry provides a variety of services, including carpet cleaning, carbonated cleaning, carpet stain protector, carpet stain removal, green certified cleaning, upholstery Cleaning and pet urine removal. Discover what cleaning services Cowgirl Chem-Dry can help you with today! 

Name: Cowgirl Chem-Dry

Address: Fort Worth

Phone Number: (817) 294-7557

Opening Hours: Mon - Sat 6am-11pm Sun 8am-8pm