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Hidden Vale Adventure Park

May 18

About Hidden Vale Adventure Park

The Hidden Vale Adventure Park is a one hour drive from Brisbane, and it has some of the best trails in all of Western Australia. Whether you like biking or running this place will be perfect for your needs with its 12 thousand acres worth World Class trail network catering to every ability level imaginable!

The majestic 12000 acre Nature Refuge property at Grandchester is a haven for all sorts of outdoor adventures. From mountain biking, running or walking trails that wind through its vast landscape there really are no limits on what you can experience here! And with so many scenic roads leading away from Spicers Hidden Vale - home to some luxurious escape pods-, you'll never run out of opportunities to make memories either wilder or amazing.


What to do in Hidden Vale Adventure Park

The sprawling property and trail network opens at 7 am, with a closing time of 3 pm on weekdays or 4 pm at weekends. Users sign in to their Trailhead office located near Spicers Hidden Vale where they can pick up maps leading them on an amazing adventure through the beautiful Australian bush scenery--company provided by kangaroos! If you want even more fun there's also access available across town at any one of several excellent restaurants serving regional cuisine as well delicious beverages crafted just how we like it here down under - only better than anywhere else outside this country

The great thing about ending your day on the trails is that you have all sorts of options when it comes time to relax. If food and drinks aren’t enough, head over to Spicers Hidden Vale where they'll be plenty for everyone - even post-ride!. Their barn menu changes every weekend so make sure not miss out by checking online or coming in before/after riding!

Trails at HvapOne local company in Ipswich that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Ipswich Decking

Address: 7 Limestone St, Ipswich QLD 4305

Telephone: (07) 3555 8933