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When Should You NOT Have Your Air Duct Cleaned

Jul 28

In what year was your home built?

Before homeowners consider residential air duct cleaning, they should inform a licensed duct cleaner about the year of the home's construction or the year that the ductwork was completed. Hard piping, which is common in older homes, was used for ductwork that was done in the 1960s and 70s. This duct is unlined and the 24 gauge sheet metal is rolled into pipes, making it strong and durable. Expert tradesmen installed the duct in the attic before putting up sheetrock. This kept the vents clear of debris. A flexible duct was being used at that time. Flexible ducts are very similar to those we use today, but it was made with a thin felt-like lining instead of the smooth vinyl lining found in modern flex ducts. The felt lining would eventually begin to deteriorate over time. The felt lining would eventually fall apart and scatter around the duct extension, posing a problem for both the heating and cooling systems. The home's ductwork must be replaced at this point. A homeowner does not want to lose more fibers from their old flex duct and potentially spread them into the conditioned space.

Your Home Does Not Need an Air Duct Cleaning. It Only Needs New Ductwork

Direct Energy recommends that ductwork be replaced every 20-25 years, according to the company. This is the best way to maintain a home with standard ductwork. If you have been told by HVAC professionals that your flex-ducts are covered with felt, it is time to have them replaced. These ducts are likely to be over 50 years old and have a very short lifespan. The felt will likely be shedding and spreading to the rest of your home's ductwork.

Why Ductwork Should Be Replaced?

Cool, moist air is circulated through the HVAC system throughout the summer. The temperature rises as the season's change and the temperatures drop. This causes the HVAC system to turn on the heat and a lot of hot, dry air to pass through the ducts. A humidifier will be installed on cooling and heating systems in dry climates to provide moisture. The combination of heat and moisture will cause ductwork to wear and metal sheeting to begin to deteriorate. Although ductwork is more durable than an HVAC system, it will eventually need replacement. It is a good idea to have your HVAC technician examine your ductwork if it was installed over thirty years ago. The heating and cooling systems' performance will also be affected by the metal's deterioration. This could lead to a home that is not cooling efficiently or worse, bits and pieces from the eroding trunks being blown back into the living spaces.

What happens when an air duct cleaning is done for old ducts?

This is the area homeowners need to think critically and not assume that cleaning the ducts will improve their home's air quality. The air duct cleaning equipment can only make the problem worse, as you may suspect that the flex ducts are covered in felt. A soft bristle spinning brush attached to the power drill head is used by some duct cleaners. The brush will activate and loosen any debris in the air ducts. If there is shedding felt in the air ducts, the brush will pull out more of the lining and cause even more debris to build up before the serviceman even starts cleaning. Even worse is when a non-certified duct cleaner comes in with a ShopVac and a few tools. Officially, they are required to seal the registers and vents to prevent any debris from escaping the house. This will make it more likely that the eroding material in the old ducts will leak back into the living spaces, which could be hazardous for seniors or children with compromised respiratory systems.

Reputable NADCA Certified Duct Cleaning Service

It is important to inspect the HVAC system and ductwork before any duct cleaning can be done. The serviceman will be able to identify any damage to the ductwork of the home during the duct cleaning. It might surprise you to learn that your ducts do not need to be cleaned. Before you request an estimate from a reliable company for duct cleaning, there are some signs you should look out for. You might notice mold in the bathroom fan, which could indicate that your ducts are moldy. You should have a reason for requesting duct cleaning. Be alert for possible scams in duct cleaning. Air duct cleaning scams are common. If the price seems too high, it is most likely a scam.


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