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Tips for Moving in a Week or Less

Aug 4

It is time-consuming to move. You should have at least a month to plan and several weeks to pack and clean. Many of us have moved in less than a week. This adds chaos to the already stressful process of moving and creates an additional layer of confusion. This can cause anxiety and slow down your progress. You don't have to lose your mind if you need to move quickly.

My most chaotic move was several years ago when I was given three days notice to move my dog from Miami to Chicago. Another example of pure laziness was when I packed up my apartment at 10pm on the night before a move. The movers were due to arrive at 7am. It was possible, and I did it. These are seven tips to help you make a quick move that works.

  1. Breathe and then plan

    One of two things can lead to rush moves: you either didn't receive enough notice about a move or you procrastinated, and time got away from you. Moving in less than a week can be overwhelming. Take a deep breath, then get on with the job. Don't get mad at yourself if you find yourself in this position due to procrastination. Life is busy and things happen, and you don't have the time to reflect. Get on with your work.
    You will want to start by creating a plan. This is the first thing you should do if you are looking to hire movers. Tampa Guy's Moving Company allows you to quickly locate up to four licensed and reputable movers in your local area. To receive quotes, the movers will call you and schedule an inspection at your home. Once you have found a match, sign it up.
    If you are not planning to hire professional movers, plan how you will transport your belongings to your new residence. Call to reserve a truck rental.

  2. Make sure you have enough supplies

    It's unlikely that you'll have the time to make multiple trips to the store to pick boxes or other packing materials. So it's crucial to get the right stuff the first time. After entering a few details, our packing calculator will give you an estimate of the number of boxes you will need. For a studio, you will need ten to twenty boxes in various sizes, while for a one-bedroom house, you'll need twenty to forty boxes in various sizes. You will need a few wardrobe boxes to pack your clothes.
    A good rule of thumb when it comes to packing supplies is to determine how many you think are required and then purchase more. You should not forget to pack the basics, such as packing tape and packing paper. Furniture protectors are also important if you plan on moving.

  3. Get some help

    It doesn't matter if you are moving within a week. Ask your family and friends to help you pack and move. Don't forget to show your appreciation with gestures and verbal thanks. You can also use Thumbtack or TaskRabbit to find someone to help you pack and unpack, as well as load the truck.

  4. Reduce your consumption

    The quicker you can pack and move when you are in a rush, the better. You should get rid of anything you don't need, especially clothes that you haven’t worn in over a year, DVDs you don’t have, and old college notes. You can separate all these items into three piles: "Toss", "recycle", and "donate." With a focus on recycling/donating as much as you can, You can then get rid of it all, even if you have to stop and run to the recycling bin or make a donation at Goodwill. It's great to have someone who will pick up the items that you wish to donate.

  5. Don't worry about organization

    A well-labelled box filled with similar items, neatly stacked together is the perfect way to move. This is not the ideal way to move. It's fine to just make a quick move and get everything done. Your dishes can be thrown in with your linens, and your electronic cords with the coffee maker. You don't have to pack everything, it doesn't really matter. You should still wrap all fragile items in packing paper. Boxes that aren't well-organized will be fine, but boxes with broken items won't.

  6. Remember to pay attention to the details

    You have a lot of things to do when you move in less than a week. But it is important to pay attention to the details. You can file a change in address with the Post Office and schedule the shut-off of your gas, electricity or internet. Transfer the services from your old home to your new one. You might have to wait for your mail to be forwarded or your internet to set up. You can make a phone call and ask politely to expedite these services if you have the time.

  7. If you need professional cleaners,

    It is a good idea to clean up the place you are moving out of. In some cases, it may be required by your lease. You may not have the time or energy to clean your home thoroughly if you are moving quickly. In this case, it is worth hiring a professional to help you. While it may be difficult to have someone clean up while you pack, this will help you to concentrate on other things. You can arrange for cleaners to come to your property if it is vacant between your move out and the tenant's arrival.

Although it's not easy to move in one week, it's possible. Focus on the task at hand and be mindful of how you manage your time. You should also make time for self-care. While you won't be able to get a massage right away, it is important that you are getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and eating healthy. To be healthy, your mind and body must be in top shape. Keep your head up and keep smiling. It might not be easy, but it will get you through.


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