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What Makes A Good Electrician

Aug 4

It is important to evaluate your personality and current skill set when making a career decision. You should first consider the qualities that make an electrician a good fit for you before you decide to pursue a career as an electrician.

Technical skill is essential, but it can be learned through the right training. We've listed some other traits that make an electrician a success to help you decide if electrical work is right for you.

The electrical trade requires hard skills

While technical skills are essential for electricians, there are many other skills that can help you excel in the job. We'll be focusing on two skills that are essential to success in the electrical trade: problem-solving and mathematics.

Mathematical, physics, algebra

Mathematics is essential to almost all jobs that electricians do, whether they are taking measurements or calculating power and potential voltages. While many jobs require basic knowledge of maths, algebra, and physics, electricians will need to have a deeper understanding of these subjects. It is important to understand Ohm's Law. This law is essential for electricians to calculate current, voltage, resistance.

Problem solving skills

Problem-solving is perhaps the most essential skill an electrician should have. An electrician's typical day consists of diagnosing and fixing electrical problems, from blown fuse to wiring a house. You will also be responsible for responding to emergencies while on call. This will often require thinking outside the box.

Electricians need soft skills

Most electricians work in social settings. You will need to be able to work with others, communicate effectively, manage your time, and maintain great client relationships by being honest and patient.


Electricians will have to interact with homeowners, estimators, and project managers while on the job. Effective people skills are crucial in this role, whether it's keeping customers informed about project developments or working with other contractors. It is important to be able to make customers feel safe and secure, especially in times of crisis.

Time management

While almost every job requires some time management skills, an electrician is more so because they are often working in a larger team. Employers will often need to know the exact cost and labour of an electrical job. An electrician's ability to accurately predict these costs while adhering to a tight schedule is a crucial skill.

Communication skills

As a certified electrician, communication skills are essential. Communication is essential, no matter if you are an electrician with experience or if you are just starting your career. You will need to communicate with customers and businesses, as well as manage any roadblocks that may arise.


Simply stated, honesty is about being honest and communicating your problems so that we can work together to solve them. When it comes to electrical problems, there is no one-size fits all solution. Every client is unique and has their own needs. It is important to be honest with clients and keep them informed.


The key to success at work is patience. Sometimes, the actual electrical problems you are called upon to fix may be more serious than what you imagined. You may also meet people who can be difficult to work with. Remaining calm and professional will allow you to think through problems and reduce anxiety from clients.


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