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How Long Does It Take To Pack

Aug 5

How to pack for your move

You should start packing as soon as you can. Every box that is completed is a step in the right direction. If you need a timeline or know what to do if your move is delayed, you can check the below estimates (based on the size of your home) and find tips to speed up the process if it's urgent.

Time is taken to pack a home based on its size

The size of your house will determine how long it takes to pack. Larger homes require more effort, so it may take you a few days to pack. You can typically pack smaller homes in one day or less. Although you may see a shorter estimate online that says professional movers take two hours per bedroom, experienced packers will be more efficient so it is better to give 4-6 hours for each room.

It's important to remember that rooms with a lot of furniture, such as the kitchen, will take more time than rooms with fewer items. To figure your total time, add the extra space, such as basements and storage units. To ensure proper packing, you should add another day to your time if you have a lot of fragile items or frames.

Tips to speed up packing

There are ways to pack quicker if you don't have enough time (without packing everything into boxes).

Ask for help

To speed up the process, it is important to get help. Ask your family and friends for help (or hire someone), as having two people working together will reduce the time by half.

Get started with a plan

Instead of stopping at every room to look for tips, take a moment to read these packing tips before getting started.

Make sure you use the correct boxes

Because they can be used with certain items, special boxes such as dish packs and wardrobe boxes, speed up the process. Instead of folding clothes you can hang them on hangers from your closet and place them in a wardrobe box.

Keep plenty of supplies handy

You will need to be prepared with enough packing paper, tape, and boxes before you begin. This will save you time and prevent you from running to the store. This moving box guide will help you determine the number of boxes that you'll require.

Room by room

It is more efficient to work through a whole room than to bounce around. To finish one room first before moving on to the next. Each completed area will give you the motivation to continue.

Touch the items once

Although it can be tempting to sort everything before you start packing, if you are trying to pack quickly you will only need to touch each item once. You can have bins set up for trash and donate or sell piles, and then you can take them from room to room. Place anything you don't need in the appropriate bin when you find it.

What's next?

Although packing is essential, there are important steps you should take before you leave. To keep track of all the tasks that need to be completed, use our moving checklist.

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