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What Firewood Types Should I Use?

Aug 22

Which types of firewood should I use?

Which kind of firewood is best for starting a fire? There are many options. Each wood species has different characteristics when it comes to burning. Here is a list of the most popular and easily available firewood types.


Oak is a very popular hardwood species. However, it must be properly seasoned for a minimum of two years before it can use. Oak will lose its long-burning qualities if it's not properly seasoned.


Properly seasoned oak is a great choice for homeowners because it produces little smoke and sparks and can burn intensely for long hours. It's also a popular choice in wood-burning stoves.



Ash emits a constant, steady glow. It is easy to split and gives off heat well. Ash has very little smell. Because it emits very few sparks, this wood is safe to use indoors for fire pits.


The wood is low in moisture. This wood is easier to season than other hardwoods and thus more affordable.



Cherry wood is highly prized for furniture making. However, it can be difficult finding firewood from this variety.

Cherry firewood is a great option. Cherry wood has a lovely aroma and produces very little smoke. Cherry wood can be used for firewood after one year.


Cherry wood does not burn very hot. However, it can still provide enough heat to heat the entire room.



Although hawthorn can be difficult to split, it is easy to burn with high heat and very little smoke. Hawthorn is the perfect type of firewood for heating your home if you live in extremely cold regions.

These trees are closely related to apple, cherry, and pear trees and share many of their good qualities. This wood is hardy, dense, and fine-textured.



The hazel tree produces delicious nuts. The tree's flexible wood can be used to make stakes and hurdles, as well as garden furniture.


It's easy to split hazelwood and it burns well at high heat. It is also ideal for making firewood.



Beech is very watery and should be dried for at least a week before it can be used as firewood. When dried properly, it burns well. It is used to make briquettes that can retain heat for hours.


The bark of this wood is not susceptible to flaking. It will not create a mess in your yard or house like other hardwoods.


These trees can become very invasive, so they make a great choice as firewood. You can use beech chips to make Budweiser beer, and they are great for smoking meats.



The best trees for fire-making are either yellow birch or black birch. Because of their fire retardancy, these woods can burn for hours at high temperatures due to their dense fibers.


They smell wonderful when used indoors. They smell great indoors. The yellow birch scent is crisp and wintergreen. However, the sweeter aroma of black birch is more pleasant. Yellow birch requires a longer seasoning time than the other two. The norm is two years minimum. White birch is a great choice as a kindling material because it can be easily lit. It is not suitable to be used as firewood.


The thin bark of white birch is paper-like and water-resistant. This makes white birch a great choice for camping in wet or cold conditions. White birch can take quite a while to dry.



Alder trees can be a fast-growing variety of birch trees. These trees are also a popular wood for making charcoal.


Since it grows so fast, it's also a great choice for environmentally-conscious homeowners. Alder works well with hardwoods like maple, oak, and beech. It is also a great choice for firewood.

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