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9 Different Types of Firewood

Aug 23

You should consider many factors when choosing the right firewood. All wood is combustible. This article will discuss which firewood burns the best and how long.

When buying firewood, there are many factors you should consider. Every wood is good for burning, but which kind of wood burns the best?

Hardwoods such as ash oak, maple, birch and birch are the best for firewood. Softwoods like pine, tamarack and cedar are popular choices for firewood. Hardwoods that produce more heat and burn hot are the best kind of firewood.

We explain which type of wood you should use to keep your home warm. Hardwood and softwood are two types of wood that can be harvested from naturally-grown wood. Let's take a look at the differences.

What makes some types of firewood more popular than others? It all boils down to water content and density. The better the wood produces heat and burns, the dryer and denser it is. All wood burns differently.

Wood that burns faster, is hotter, or cleaner than others will be more efficient. Some wood is very smokey, while others can block your chimney with lots of sap and resin.

Different types of hardwood

  1. Hickory
  2. Ash
  3. Oak
  4. Alder
  5. Aspen
  6. Elm
  7. Eucalyptus
  8. Ironwood
  9. Mesquite
  10. Birch
  11. Maple
  12. Cottonwood
  13. Beech
  14. Fruit Trees, Cherry, and Apple
  • It takes harder to grow hardwood than softwood
  • Hardwood is more dense than other woods.
  • Hardwood produces more heat and burns for a longer time.
  • Although hardwood takes longer to season, it is more resistant to moisture than softwoods.
  • Hardwoods have a higher percentage of heartwood than softwoods.
  • Hardwood is more difficult to split than softwoods because it's heavier and more difficult to do so.

Hardwood burns hotter than softwood. Heating is an important reason to build a fire. This is why hardwood is the best choice for your firewood. The hardwood will heat up your fire faster, creating warmth in your home and cooking food.

Hardwood is the most stable and easy to work with. Hardwoods can be more expensive than softwoods, and they often leave a hard residue in the Ash.

Burning birch wood firewood should be avoided because of its thick brown inner bark. It retains a lot of moisture and often prevents the wood from drying properly.

Mixing birch with other hardwoods will result in a cleaner burning wood with less smoke. Smoke that is too dense will cause creosote to build up, which is a byproduct from wood combustion and tar. This can lead to chimney fires.

A particular type of firewood might be beloved by one person while another may hate it. For firewood, Eucalyptus is a great hardwood choice. Eucalyptus wood is comparable in heat to oak and provides a good bed for hot coals. The firewood made from Eucalyptus is hot.

Some wood stove distributors have advised against burning eucalyptuswood in wood stoves due to the danger of the oils.

Certain hardwoods burn better than others. Cherry, oak, and Hickory firewood are often preferred due to their long burn time, low smoke, high flame production, pleasant aroma, and minimal smoke.

Combining Hardwoods with Softwoods

A combination of softwood and hardwood is sometimes the best option. You can start a campfire with softwood, then switch to a warmer-burning hardwood for a more lasting fire. To make the flames louder and larger, add a few softwood logs to the fire.

The Best Firewood for Heat Value

These are the top firewoods rated by heat value. This is how much heat they produce.