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National Gallery of Australia

Sep 2

About National Gallery of Australia

The National Gallery is home to the most valuable collection in Australia, with over 155 thousand pieces from indigenous Australians and other cultures. The world's largest trove of this type of art can be found here too! The NGA, formerly known as the Australian National Gallery, is Australia’s national art museum and one of the largest museums in this country.

It was established by an act passed on October 31st 1967, with its main purpose being to house the Public Works Loan Collection, which at that time consisted only of documents but not artwork; now they hold over 166 thousand pieces from all periods including ancient onesThe Gallery of Modern Art is a shining beacon in the nation’s capital, sitting on lands that were once home to Ngambri people. Designed by award-winning architect Colin Madigan AO and built using Brutalist architecture techniques, this heritage-listed building has been an experiment gone successful!

It now displays its collection on two floors—the first floor containing traditional paintings and drawings while another level houses modern sculptures up until contemporary pieces made from mirror glass are showcased at this location too!


What to do at the National Gallery of Australia

The National Gallery is a place where you can find Australian art from every era and continent. The institution’s rich collection includes world-class works by indigenous artists as well as more conventional paintings, sculptures, cars prints that span centuries.
It's not just an ordinary museum, though - it houses Australia's most valuable trove of indigenous cultural treasures, with over 155k pieces inside! The National Gallery is a place where everyone can enjoy great art. Free admission for all visitors, with the exception of special exhibitions which may have fees associated with them; but even then, you’re still sure to find something that will inspire your imagination and take away some piece of yourself in return!

The national gallery

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