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All American Wood Works Flow Cast Drum Set

Oct 3

The FlowCast Drum Set is specially designed to be used in commercial and industrial settings. This set comes with two pieces of epoxy resin and one portion of hardener. These two parts equal 161.6 gallons. The set needs a loading dock and liftgate to transport.

UVPoxy FlowCast Drum Set

FlowCast is an epoxy resin casting process which is water clear when cured and dries to a durable, long-lasting finish. It is a versatile, two-component coating that is compatible with many wood species and substrates. It is clear to dry and is easily worked with woodworking tools.

UVPoxy(r), a formulation that has a 1:4 resin to hardener ratio, is utilized. Abbreviations of this ratio may cause poor properties or a lack of curing. If the mix ratio is not followed precisely it is possible that the finished will not be able to achieve the maximum longevity and beauty.

High quality wood must be used to make drums. Kits that aren't of the highest quality may use wood or ply that is not of the highest quality. The wood could be from the same tree , but there are components that are more suitable for drum construction.

Ecopoxy, a two-part epoxy, is simple to use and environmentally friendly. It's ideal for DIY projects. Ecopoxy's unique design is a great option for use at home or for tight stages. In addition to creating a stunning appearance, it's affordable. All American Wood Works is an excellent source for Ecopoxy. Visit their website to find out more about this revolutionary product.

Canadian maple

The FlowCast Drum Set combines a Canadian maple shell with seven layers for maximum tonal and resonance. The shell's main panel of three ply is joined to the center panel by the vertical and horizontal bond. Then it's placed between two-ply outer and inner panels. This exclusive, unique procedure ensures optimal sound quality for any performance environment.

When selecting the best drum set, the high-quality of the wood is crucial. A drum set's quality can be affected by imperfections or ply. Drums can be constructed from various parts from the same tree, but some parts of the tree are better for drums over others.

Wood type to FlowCast Drum Set

Drum shells aren't all constructed from the same wood. Certain types of wood produce a higher tone than others, particularly in higher tones. This is why wood drum shells made from exotic woods are highly sought-after. They are more beautiful and durable, and they offer a distinct sound and feel.

All American Wood Works uses both birch and maple to make their drum shells. The most popular is maple wood, but different kinds of wood may also be utilized. Maple is employed for the outside and inside plies of drum shells, while birch is employed as the center ply. Maple is utilized to give warmth and projection. Jatoba produces a distinctive sound.

Maple shells are a popular choice because they have a rich tone and low end emphasis. Larnell Lewis' maple drum kit is a great example of an maple drumshell. Another popular wood for drum shells is oak, which is a solid grain with the natural ability to absorb stain.

FlowCast(r) is made of two epoxy resins that dries clear. It has great air release and low exothermic heat build-up, and can be used for a wide range of wood-based projects. It is able to be shaped into various designs and shapes and is extremely resistant to stress cracking. It is also compatible with a wide range of substrates. FlowCast also comes with a clear finish that is water-clear. It is extremely durable, and it can be utilized in a variety of applications, including in silicone molds. FlowCast can also be combined with ecoPoxy metallic or liquid color pigments.

Hardware needed for the FlowCast Drum Set

The FlowCast Drum Set is an industrial-grade drum kit made for industrial and commercial applications. It is made from two components of epoxy resin and one piece of hardener. The drum set can accommodate 161.6 Gallons. It needs either an loading dock or liftgate service for transport.

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