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What Type of Clothes Does Plato's Closet Allow?

Oct 3


Plato's closet could be a good place to look for gently used clothes. It will only accept gently used clothes that are fresh and free of stains or excessive wear. They only buy clothes that are trendy and trendy. You can look up the name of the business to determine if Plato will take your clothing or contact them via their number.

Men's clothing

If you're looking to buy new jeans or slacks, Plato's Closet is an ideal choice. The store is open seven days per week. From Monday to Saturday, the store is open from 10 am until 8 pm. The hours on Sundays are 12 pm to 6 pm. Shopping online is also an option. You can order on the internet and then pick it up in an area store. Be sure to check the return policies of every retailer before returning any items.

Unlike other secondhand clothing stores Plato's Closet is very strict about what it accepts. Plato's Closet will accept gently used and clean clothes that are free of holes or stains. The store typically purchases clothing that is in season and fashion. Google will quickly give the address.

If you'd like to get money for your old clothing, Plato's Closet is a great option. Plato's Closet will purchase your clothing at 60 to 70 percent of their retail price. That means you'll get great deals through selling your clothing. Be aware that Plato's Closet won't pay as much as sell them on the internet. They typically pay about one-third of the amount the item is worth at retail.

Plato's Closet, a retail resale company that targets teenagers and young adults and is well-known for its teen-focused products. They sell a wide range of brand-name clothing, and accessories, with reasonable cost. The clothing ranges from jeans to prom outfits and dresses. The range of clothing is constantly changing, so it's an ideal place to shop for stylish clothing at a reasonable price.

Plato's Closet has over 480 locations across North America. Its stores sell gently-used clothing and shoes as well as accessories for up to 60 percent off the retail value. Men's clothing is also accepted by the Plato's Closet. Plato's Closet is a place to help customers find cheap clothing and accessories.

Plato's Closet has a simple concept. If you're looking to sell your used clothing bring them to the local shop. A staff member will sort them. The staff will then input the description into a computer program that determines the value of the items.

Plato's Closet can be an excellent alternative for gently used clothes. But, it's more specific than other consignment shops. Clothes with holes or stains might not be considered. But, rest confident that you'll receive cash for the clothing you've used and the process is quicker than other stores. Also, keep in mind that every store has a distinct return policy.

Current style

Plato's Closet buys clothing and shoes from those who wish to sell them at less than their retail value. They also insist on the cleanliness of the clothes. They only accept gently worn, clean clothes that are free from holes, stains and excessive wear. They only purchase seasonal fashionable clothes. In the majority of cases they'll pay $13 for each item.

Plato's Closet accepts clothing that is in the age range of the target. The store is the most sought-after with those aged between 13 and 26 years old. The most popular items are dresses, jeans, and skirts. Employees are expected to wear fashionable, casual clothing. They are required to wear shirts while on duty. Despite the busy hours of the store, the prices of the clothes are affordable. Prices can change depending on what is sold or accepted.

Plato's Closet has a wide range of trendy fashion, designer clothes and everyday basics at up to 70 percent off retail price. The company purchases gently worn designer clothing from teens to young adults. The company accepts clothing that is of all sizes and genders.

Plato's Closet offers young adults an excellent opportunity to earn extra money. The store is focused on youth fashion and fresh second-hand clothes are added to the racks each day. The clothes aren't just inexpensive, but also come with popular brands.


If you own shoes that are no longer in style and are not trendy anymore Plato's Closet is the right place to go. Expect to pay anything from four to sixty dollars per pair for your footwear. The prices range from thirty to forty percent below retail value. You'll get a great deal and also improve the environment and the fashion industry. Furthermore, you'll be certain that your items are in good condition.

Plato's Closet stocks many types of footwear. They accept Uggs and Vans along with Nikes as well as Jordans. Some stores also accept sleepwear and lingerie. Most brands can be accepted, but Jordans and Nike are the most well-known. They're not considered acceptable when they are stained or faded.

Plato's Closet, a retail resale business situated along US19 in Palm Harbor FL is called Plato's Closet. The store accepts gently used clothing as well as accessories for teens and young adults. Selling items that you don't need to sell to Plato's Closet is a great way to earn extra cash. For a fee, you can receive a tax deduction and avoid having to pay shipping. While you may not receive top dollar, you can make a few dollars per week.

Plato's Closet has a great selection of footwear and clothing. From fashionable designer clothes to everyday basics You can find the items you're looking for at up to 70% off retail. All sizes and styles of clothing are accepted by the company, including clothing for toddlers and adult clothing. The brands they accept include Aeropostale, American Eagle, Charlotte Russe, Express, Forever 21, Hollister, and 7 For All Mankind.

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