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Where can I find window tint film?

Oct 3


Cutting Edge Windows Tinting is the most reliable company for tinting your windows. Their 20 years of experience provides the know-how and experience to tint windows properly. They provide services for commercial and residential locations and provide free quotes and consultations.

XPEL Prime XR Plus

XPEL Prime XR Plus is a medical-grade window film that blocks 99 percent the sun's UVA and UVB radiations. This provides protection against the UV rays that can cause many diseases like Glaucoma, melanoma, and cataracts. Furthermore, it helps to keep the interior of surfaces cooler.

XPEL Prime XR Plus is an extremely high-quality sun-protective film that will enhance the look of your car. The tint is both worth and performance. XPEL offers a variety of tinted and dyed window films. The XPEL PRIME(tm) tint, which is a window tint dyed, gives you the best UV protection and the ability to maintain color stability.

The brand new XPEL Prime XR plus film blocks 98 percent sun heat and improves cabin comfort. It also minimizes the sun's glare and improves visibility. This film is a good option for boat owners who want to protect their boat from the sun , but not sacrifice the comfort in the cabin.

The window tint is highly recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation and has the highest levels of UV protection. The film is color stable and is free of metals. It also offers superior heat rejection compared to traditional dyed films. Furthermore, this film is signal-friendly thanks to ceramic particles that it has.

In addition to its excellent efficiency, XPEL window tint films are also efficient in reducing cabin temperature and reducing interior fade and cracking. It provides privacy and enhances the appearance. Most importantly, XPEL window tints block more than 99 percent of the sun's damaging UV radiations. These UV rays can cause skin damage and premature aging. They may also trigger skin cancer.

Nanotechnology's implementation is made possible through nanoparticle technology. There are many applications for nanoparticle technology within industrial and engineering fields such as new batteries as well as engineered catalytic systems functional paints and drug delivery system. Nanoparticles, in contrast to bulk materials, are extremely small and have unique properties. They are also able to block many kinds of infrared heating.

XPEL Prime XR Blue

XPEL PRIME XR window tint film offers the highest heat resistance and 99 percent UV coverage. The charcoal shade reduces glare while also providing privacy. The film also works at blocking infrared radiation as well as reduces internal temperatures. It blocks the glare caused by shiny surfaces.

Nano-ceramic technology offers maximum protection and efficiency. It's able to block harmful UV rays and block out the majority of infrared radiation. It has enhanced aesthetics. This window film is made by Wrap Works, which is aware of the importance of top-quality and high-performance window tint films.

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