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4 Tips to Save Money on the four types of catering

Nov 8

It is a common occurrence, especially when we have new customers, that catering can be somewhat daunting. There are numerous ways to simplify your catering needs and cut costs, regardless of whether you're catering for a business meeting or for a couple who are getting married. It isn't easy to pick from a myriad of alternatives. We thought it would be helpful to offer easy, yet efficient, methods we can assist.

The best place to begin is to understand the different kinds of catering. Each catering type has its own pricing and ordering needs. This will make it easier to narrow down your menu choices and save you time and money when you decide on one type. Below are four common types of catering that you can think about:


Wedding Catering is something that we all know, but we also recognize the importance of catering on the day of the celebration. Everyone should be able to enjoy the event including the bride and groom, to the guests who are guests of honor. Desserts, decorations, dinner, and what to drink alone are all an aspect of the preparation.


From small office meetings and training to larger regional events, having great catering delivered to your location helps save time and money while allowing you to focus on the task that is at hand, your business! Continental breakfast boxes, buffets, and box lunches are all popular for corporate catering.


Social events include everything from birthday parties and retirement celebrations to huge backyard barbecues. Food, drinks, balloons, and bartenders are just some of what you could see served at events like these.


This is a category that includes events that are sporting as well as major public events and seasonal events. Where you will find lots of people, you'll always find catering. To organize these events, you need to be a professional. Here you will find everything you can think of as crowd-pleasing from hamburgers and hot dogs to chili cheese fries and Ice cream.

Let's now talk about ways to save money once you have decided on your preferred category. It is important to remember that you have control of the items you purchase. It sounds easy, doesn't it? It's easy to lose track of your budget when there are so many choices. It's possible to find yourself ordering more food than you can afford. These four steps will allow the caterer to cut down on time and cost when making your food selections for your event. Remember these as you consider your next order

  1. Be aware of your guest count  the #1 factor of the cost of catering is the number of people you are feeding. It's amazing how many people make orders without knowing the number of guests expected to attend. Knowing your guest count before you call to get an estimate will allow you to save money and avoid confusion and unnecessary menu modifications at the last second.

  2. Choose Your Delivery Method  a lot of people think that catering can only be delivered only one way, however, a good professional caterer will offer up to four different options to get your food delivered including:

    • Pick Up: You can pick up your food at the catering company's place of business. Not as usual, but an option to cut down on delivery fees or make time-saving changes to your order.

    • Drop Off: This is the most common, particularly for corporate and social events, in which the caterer provides the food in disposable containers (foil pans coffee boxes, foil pans, etc.).

    • Real Display: This option is ideal for buffets and banquets. The caterer will set up tables and serve food, along with glasses, linens, and tableware.

    • Full Service: In addition to the actual show, you can also choose to have your food professionally prepared and served, and even cooked on-site!

  3. How Can You enhance your event? Think of them as "optional or upgraded items" you can choose to enhance your event. This may seem to be a minor aspect of the planning process, but it is essential for caterers who are professional. Decorations may include china, linen, and servers. They also may include servers, bartenders, chefs on-site, and DJs.

  4. Be sure to know your budget before you order It is a fact that is often overlooked by people. For most caterers, pricing is based on a dollar/person pricing model. It is easy to calculate your budget by simply dividing the amount you would like to spend by the number of guests. This number to start with will help the caterer make more money to spend!

Professional caterers like Uncle Nick's Deli are both professionals and artists. We would love nothing more than to serve you delicious food that is perfect for your budget and your occasion. The more information we have more we know, and the better job we're able to do. We like it to be described: Great food. Excellent Service. Stress-Free.


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