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Tips to Choose the Right Caterer

Dec 7

When it comes to aspects that can decide the fate of the success of an event, none are as important as the quality, flavor, and presentation of food and beverages that you serve. A lot is riding on your decision of which caterer you choose to use, and if you think this choice isn't important, look at it in this manner ... amazing catering service in Belleville IL can save an event that's a disaster, but bad catering is almost always a reason to make guests leave the premises.

Here are the top 10 factors to consider when hiring a caterer.

#1 - Personal interest in your requirements and responsiveness

This was the most common subject among all event and catering professionals we spoke to. This is because the level of interest and responsiveness of the caterer during the initial conversation is a good indicator of how they will perform during the course of their contract.

While many caterers claim that they provide the finest-tasting food, it's rare for them to be quick to respond to emails or phone calls. "While these might seem to be small things when compared with the overall cost and taste but they are actually a sign that the caterer is concerned with meeting the customer's requirements and making sure that they are happy with the product and the service."

#2 - The ability to handle your specific type of event

Not every caterer is perfect for every type of event, and many caterers themselves are open about it. So when interviewing your caterers (and you should speak with at least 3 caterers for any event with a budget that is reasonable) You must be clear about the kind of event that you're planning as well as the kind of food or presentation that you're expecting. If you don't, you might end up selecting the wrong caterer. a good fit for the theme or type of your event.

#3 - Flexibility in Choosing from a variety of Menu Choices

The majority of caterers offer a standard menu. They also have the option of customizing these menus by adding or removing items. But the best caterers will go beyond standardized menu choices and will be able to design delicious food that will be tailored to your theme and dietary needs.

#4 - Willingness To Provide Tastes

How will you ever determine what a caterer's services accomplish unless you try their goods? You can't really know the taste of the dishes you're interested in unless you try them.

Many people are reluctant to request a taste of the food items they want to taste for an occasion. However, it is an excellent idea to request a taste of the food before you sign on the to sign.

#5 - Familiarity With the Venue

If you decide to use a BBQ joint to host your formal ballroom event, you might be surprised. Or if you choose a top corporate event caterer to serve the food at a barn wedding. Why? because these caterers might not be used to cooking and serving food in such a setting.

#6 - A thorough description of the goods or services promised in the contract

The caterer's contract should clearly define exactly the food, beverages, and services that the caterer will provide on the designated day(s). The contract should also shield the caterer from any non-performance, just as it protects you from nonpayment/default. It may be beneficial to consult an attorney to review it before you sign it.

#7 - A Well-Defined Cancellation Plan

No caterer with a shred of dignity and scruples enters into a contract if they plan to bail at the last minute, but you need to be sure that there's an option to cancel your contract to ensure that your caterer needs to terminate.

#8 - References that You Can Call and Talk To

Naturally, you'll have to check up on the caterers you're thinking of hiring and it's always best to begin online and check out sites like Yelp, Wedding Wire, and Angie's List for their reviews and ratings.

But don't stop there. reviews on the internet aren't always trustworthy (or even true); for example, a good caterer may have had a few nightmare/hater customers who have distorted their ratings, whereas an unprofessional caterer might have embellished the reviews on their websites. Contact previous clients by searching for the caterers you're interested in and ask for their opinions.

#9 - Insurance

Every caterer we spoke with said insurance coverage is "a given" for caterers. You certainly don't want to legally be in the midst of a mistake or incident which was attributable to your caterer.

#10 - An Experienced Chef and Kitchen Staff

Surprisingly, the duration of a caterer's tenure might not be as important in deciding on a good caterer.


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