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Are America Companies Still In Russia ?

Jan 24

According to Yale University’s new report, more than 1000 foreign companies have stated that they have voluntarily stopped doing business in Russia, but more than 550, which includes many American companies, are still operating in Russia. These Russian companies are still operating in Russia despite the public pressure to leave after the invasion of Ukraine a year ago.

These 25 companies include notable firms such as Cloudflare and Match Group, Cloudflare, Match Group, and Quicksilver. Sbarro Pizza, Tom Ford, and Valve are just a few of the others. These 25 companies are not the only ones. 162 other American businesses postpone planned investment and business while maintaining a substantial business presence.

American companies are not alone in this as many European and Asian companies are also still in Russia after the Ukraine war. China is the most abusive country, with China State-Sponsered Organisations operating as normal, "private" businesses such as Alibaba, Tencent, and ZTE and air passenger carriers such as Emirates Airlines, Egyptair, Qatar Airways, and Turkish Airlines. Only a few companies have stopped or scaled back their operations, and none have pulled out of the market.


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