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5 Free Trap Beats Download Pack by The Corporatethief Beats – 100% Royalty Free

Oct 30

Our goal is to help artists find the perfect beat that will suit their style while also helping producers gain more exposure. If you're ever in need of a new sound or want to try your hand at producing your own tracks, please visit The Corporatethief Beats website today! Offer link

The Corporatethief Beats is a professional company that specializes in high-quality, exclusive trap beats for all artists.

With the recent surge in popularity of hip-hop and trap music, many producers are looking for ways to get their beats heard without any upfront cost.  One way that they can do this is by submitting them to our site for free download.


We offer our clients the opportunity to download our free trap beats pack which includes 5 beats with hooks and instrumentals.  Our goal is to help you get off on your grind without having to spend any money on music production.  
If you like what you hear, we also sell premium packages of 40 beats or more at cheap rates starting at $27 per beat pack! We're confident that once you hear the quality of the 5 Free Trap Beats Download Pack, they'll be perfect for your next mixtape album or single release. 


Check out some samples of our trap instrumentals below!



The Hollywood Fool beat is inspired by The Migos. Quavo makes most of the beats for this rap group, and he's been doing it since before I was born! His style in making those drums has a lot open space that rappers can shine through- which they do every time you hear one their songs on radio or TV .

You'll notice how much more diversity there seems to be here when compared with other tracks from them; however even though these differences may seem minute at first glance , listeners will still have no problem telling what instrument plays each note because all sounds come together so beautifully as part 


The following 5 trap beats are free to use without tags with a basic commercial lease license. You can get up to 5,000 Streams at no cost and it doesn't matter if you want them on iTunes or Spotify - both will be available for your listeners!
The best part is that these high-quality downloads come complete with non exclusive streaming rights as well (up until the user's account expires).


When new hip hop artists come to my site, I like to provide them with some free untagged trap beats so that they can audition our sound. This gives the artist time in order for him/her develop a song utilizing my instrumentals and not have any pressure associated when it comes down getting licensed rights or renting equipment because of this offer from me!


The Corporatethief Beats is giving away free trap beats to subscribers. To get this content, you will need sign up for their newsletter using the form on our website and we'll also give a bonus: two eBooks about music marketing tools and how-to articles from industry leaders in digital media research!


When you subscribe to The Corporatethief's newsletter, not only are the free trap beats included but also two bonuses - Music Marketing Blue Print 2.0 eBook and Cheat Sheet for music marketing tools!


Fast Trap Beats Produced by The Corporatethief Beats 


I am a big fan of Rae Sremmurd, even though their music falls into the same category as modern trap and I can still hear that subtle difference which makes them much more creative.I'm not usually one to listen to trap music, but Rae Sremmurd has me hooked. They're the only artists that can seem both creative and unique in their sound without falling into generic territory like so many other musicians do with this genre of modern day songs.



Free trap beats and cheat sheets available for download! 

Click the pink "Download" button under each beat video above. You can also access these freebies by clicking on a green icon with an arrow next to it in your player (downloading will begin immediately). 1) Click the PINK button under each video and subscribe through email.  2a) Alternatively, you can use this link to save your favorite beat playlist onto your computer or phone for offline listening! 3-) To hear what these sounds like in real time (without downloading), click on "play" next to any song's green info icon ->


No, the five untagged trap instrumentals are available for purchase. They come with commercial lease rights and can be used in your music videos or other projects without any licensing fees! The demo downloads that are tagged "beats" are just audition files so you have more options before deciding which one would work best for what project of yours needs some new beats added into it - these demos don't include full stems like ones purchased off Beat Player will; they're only meant as background tracks/ loops etc.,

Can I Sell My Song On iTunes Using These 5 Free Trap Beats?

You may be wondering, "Can I still distribute my music on major online retailers like Spotify and Apple?" The answer is YES! All downloads from the beat player are demo versions that aren't tagged with any information. They're only demos so you can audition them for free before buying full production beats (which start around $500).


At The Corporatethief Beats, Daniel Hartnett creates trap beats, hip hop beats, west coast beats, pop beats, and new school-type beats. For more information, please visit our contact links below.

For more information on The CorporateThief Beats, visit his website: