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Car Accident Claims

Car accidents are the most frequent personal injury lawsuits in the U.S. Every year, millions of Americans get hurt in automobile accidents. Unfortunately, a lot of these accidents result from the negligence of the other driver. To cover the costs of the cost of their injuries Many victims are able to file personal injury lawsuits.

Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical malpractice occurs when healthcare professionals commit mistakes that cause severe injuries that cause lasting impact on the patient’s life. Although these errors are more challenging, they can still be handled as a personal matter.

Slip and fall accidents

Compensation is available to victims of injuries caused from unsafe conditions on privately or public owned property. Slip-and fall accidents are the most frequent type of personal injury lawsuit.


Unfortunately, assault is rising in the ranks of most common personal injury demands. Assault is one of the few kinds of personal injury that is not the result of negligence.

Product Liability

It’s true that defective products are a often-occurring instance. In these instances, the injured party could be entitled to compensation if the defect of the product directly causes an injury.

Dog Bites

American families cannot imagine their lives without their canine companions. There are always mishaps, however, because there are thousands of canines. Dog bites may be caused by the owner, but usually it’s the owner who is responsible. The cases of dog bites are treated similarly to personal injury cases because dog bites may be result of carelessness.

Wrongful Death

The term “wrongful death” refers to the deaths of a person caused by carelessness. Families of victims who was killed by falling down stairs that weren’t marked may have a claim for compensation. This is because of the negligent actions of the owner of the building.

Workplace Accidents

An employee may make a personal injury claim against their employer if they sustain an injury while working, or if equipment malfunctions or they are not properly trained. The most frequently-injured occupations that are prone to workplace injuries are truck drivers, nurses assistants, laborers, and truck drivers.

Construction-related injuries

The physical demands of the construction industry are often a cause in injuries that are quite severe. Although it is impossible to keep a construction site free of dangers, the employer is responsible to reduce the risk.

Premises Liability Personal injury Claims

Personal injury cases that result from injuries that occur at the property of another person are called premises personal injuries. Property owners may owe victim compensation if dangerous conditions existed.

Personal injury lawsuits can become very complicated. An experienced team of lawyers should be on your side.

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