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Fort Myers has several great city parks. They range from small, neighborhood-oriented parks to large, state-of-the-art city parks. If your family likes the outdoors and the open space, one or more of these parks may be ideal locations to bring your family. Some are open year-round and offer different recreational options.


Parks are designed for many purposes, but all offer a form of relaxation and entertainment. Fort Myers has a couple of great small parks. Parks at W Fort Myers Park, on the south side of the island, offer playgrounds, pavilions, boat ramps, tennis courts, a swimming pool, and other summertime and spring-like activities. There’s also a park on the north side of the island called Woodland Park. It offers hiking and biking trails, picnic places, and a pavilion for children.


Other attractions in the area include the Gulf Coast Science Museum at Gulfport Park, where you can learn about the underwater world and see hands-on science experiments and display objects from various time periods. There is also a Footprint Museum where you can learn about human waste and how it impacts the environment. There’s a Kids Kingdom where your child can climb and swing and a Nature Care Day where your kids can enjoy caring for the planet by taking part in various activities.


Fort Myers has four state parks: Fort Myers Park, Lee Vista Park, Holmes Park, and Seawalk Park. All of them have different purposes. Fort Myers Park is a family park with playgrounds, picnic areas, tennis courts, and other games and activities. Lee Vista Park offers a nature trail as well as walking paths and picnic tables. Holmes Park has a pavilion and other attractions.


Fort Myers has four beaches along the Keys. The most popular one is Siesta Key. It’s on the south end of the Keys and has a sandy beach, park, and restaurants. Other beaches are San Carlos, Hollywood, and Palm Beach. Fort Myers has five marinas with fishing, boating, beach bars, and restaurants. All of these are along busy streets and residents are quite proactive in watching for accidents and problems, so they have a safety sign that directs them to the nearest police station.


Fort Myers has limited public access for dogs. So if your pet is allowed to run around the city parks then you are in luck. Fort Myers has four fenced off dog parks where your four-legged friend can romp and play while you are free to do other things. There is also a leash law in effect which means that if you are walking your dog and he goes in a public area then you have to pull him over to the side of the road and wait until he calms down.


As you might imagine there are many things to do at the beaches. You can go to the beach and have fun swimming or snorkeling. There are tons of boat launches in the Keys and you can explore them and watch the different boats coming back and forth. If you love to go kayaking you will have no trouble finding some great kayaking spots all along the beaches.


Fort Myers has some of the best city parks. With all of the activities going on you will not want to leave the beach. Be sure to check out some of the city parks in Fort Myers FL when you get there.


Fort Myers has two major parks in town. The park closest to the ocean is known as Buzz Park and the park that have baseball and soccer fields is called Fort Myers Baseball Stadium. There are also playgrounds and other things for kids to do. You can bring your family and kids and go for a walk at any of these parks. If you like playing games, you will not be disappointed with the variety of playgrounds and parks in Fort Myers.


If you like nature you will love Fort Myers. There are tons of great city parks that you and your family can enjoy. You may even want to bring your dog to one of these city parks and let him romp around. Fort Myers has also been a hub of eco-friendly things for years. There are gardens and parks and even a nature preserve that has animals and plant life.


The city parks in Fort Myers are some of the best in the world. They provide a nice place for you and your family to go to relax, play, or just sit and enjoy the sun. The best part about most of these parks is that they are free and open to the public. Go visit one of the parks today and see why it’s such a popular attraction.


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