Healthy Home Environmental Services Provides Thorough Mold Inspection Services in Orlando, Florida

Healthy Home Environmental Services Mold Inspection Experts

Orlando, FL – Healthy Home Environmental Services is working hard to create safe environments by determining if your indoor air quality is safe. With a thorough residential or commercial inspection, we can find visible and hidden mold and determine in 24 hours if the environment is safe for occupants. We then provide written remediation protocol reports for a licensed mold remediation company to follow for the mold removal process. After the mold is removed we provide clearance testing of the area to ensure mold spore types and levels are within an acceptable range.  

Healthy Home Environmental Services began operations in 2006 and has maintained its position as trusted leak detection, mold inspection, mold testing, indoor air quality testing, and water testing company. They have adopted a disciplined, multi strategic approach to service delivery. The family-owned business targets commercial and residential properties in Orlando and adjacent areas. Healthy Home Environmental Services is co-owned by Sally Aikin and Dana Aikin.

Healthy Home Environmental Services Testing and Recommendations

Healthy Home Environmental Services performs wide-ranging testing services covering lead, legionella, water and well water, methamphetamine, mold and mycotoxin, fire/smoke pre and post-testing, ​and much more! The Orlando-based mold inspection and testing company has partnered with several organizations in the US to expedite testing and boost service delivery, including ProLab, Realtime Laboratories, and EMSL Laboratories.

Their environmental consultants are trusted to provide detailed and accurate mold inspection testing, allergen testing, volatile organic compound (VOC), Formaldehyde testing, water testing, and more. When carrying out mold and bacteria testing services, the licensed Healthy Home Environmental Services mold inspection team provides detailed remediation protocol reports and recommendations to clear out the mold and help prevent future occurrence. The residential and commercial clients working with the company enjoy many benefits that include next-day laboratory results, the quick turnaround time for reports, and providing recommendations for mold remediation services.

Indoor air quality inspection is an essential component of the work conducted by the environmental services firm. The service is vital because ​mold and toxic chemicals in any indoor environment can cause health complications and diseases like allergies, ​asthma, and even cancer. Healthy Home Environmental Services’ indoor air quality control experts are trained to perform pre and post-clearance testing for commercial properties, homes, and cars suspected to contain environmental pollutants like mold and methamphetamine ​residue. The team also performs common particle identification (CPID) to identify the presence of common indoor contaminants.

Contact Healthy Home Environmental Services

Healthy Home Environmental Services is located at 14432 Conifer Drive, Orlando, FL 32832, and can be contacted via phone at (407) 273-9387. Learn more about Healthy Home Environmental Services’ professional mold testing services at their website at

Media Contact

Company Name
Healthy Home Environmental Services
Contact Name
Sally Aikin, Dana Aikin
(407) 273-9387
14432 Conifer Dr
United States

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