Personal Injuries Lawyers Waterbury CT

Car Accident Claims

Car accident cases are the most sought-after personal injury lawsuits in the U.S. Millions of Americans are injured each year in car accidents. Many of these car accidents are caused by the negligence of a driver. Often, victims will decide to file personal injury lawsuits in order to aid in the settlement of their injuries.

Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical malpractice happens when healthcare professionals make mistakes which cause serious injuries that can have a lasting impact on the life of the patient. These errors are the result of negligence. They can be more complicated than personal injury claims, but they are still frequently handled.

Accidents involving slip-and-fall

Compensation is available to people who have been injured due to unsafe conditions on public or privately owned property. Personal injury claims are the most common in slip and fall accidents.


Unfortunately, assault is rising into the top of the list of typical personal injuries lawsuits. Assault may be the result of negligence, however it’s a very common cause of personal injury.

Product Liability

Defective products are quite common. The injured party might be entitled to compensation if the product’s defect causes injury.

Dog Bites

American families aren’t the same without their loyal, loving pets. There are always accidents however, due to the fact that there are numerous canines. Owners are usually accountable for any dog who bites. The cases of dog bites, which are usually caused by negligence or dogs attacking, are treated in a similar way to personal injury cases.

Wrongful death

A wrongful death is the deaths of a person due to carelessness. The family could be entitled to compensation in the event that the victim’s death was after falling down the stairs that were not marked or wet. This is because the victim’s death was caused by the inattention of the building’s owner.

Workplace Accidents

An employee can file a personal injury lawsuit against their employer if they sustain injuries while at work, if equipment malfunctions or if they’re not adequately trained. The jobs with the highest rate of workplace injuries comprise nurses, movers truck drivers, nursing assistants, and laborers.

Construction-related injuries

The physical demands of construction often result in fairly serious injuries. While it’s difficult to shield a workplace from hazards, employers are required to take steps to reduce risks.

Personal Injury Claims arising from premises liability

Personal injury cases that result due to injuries sustained on the property of a person are called premises personal injury. Property owners may owe victims compensation if unsafe conditions existed.

Personal injuries can be complex. It is essential to have experienced lawyers on your side.

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