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The ultimate guide to Araku instant coffee

Jun 29

Araku instant coffee is a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, roasted to perfection. Araku Instant Coffee gives you the best taste in town with its intense aroma, rich flavor, and smooth finish. Araku instant coffee is carefully blended from 100% pure Arabica beans sourced from Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh. A unique secret recipe makes our Araku instant coffee one-of-its-kind.

What is Araku instant coffee and how does it work

Araku coffee is made with a blend of roasted Arabica beans and robusta, which are then blended to form the perfect balance between aroma, body, acidity, and bitterness. The Araku instant mix is pre-measured for one cup of Araku coffee per packet or sachet.

The Arakus flavor profile doesn't include any off-flavors that you often find in other instant coffees because we only use natural ingredients like sugar cane extract and vanilla flavoring from Madagascar without any additives like preservatives or dyes. We also don't over roast our beans so they taste better as an iced drink than when hot. Araku coffee a world-class coffee of India.

How long will the coffee stay fresh?

Araku instant coffee stays fresh for up to three months. It’s best stored in a cool, dry place like the pantry or cupboard. A fridge is also an option but it can affect the taste and reduce shelf life. Always store Araku Instant Coffee away from air fresheners and strongly scented foods such as garlic and onions, which can alter its flavor over time.

What are some of the benefits of drinking Araku instant coffee?

Araku instant coffee is rich in antioxidants because it doesn't go through the whole brewing process. Araku contains up to three times as many antioxidants as other brands of instant coffees on the market. A single cup of Araku can contain well over 100 milligrams of polyphenols - which are known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking Araku will provide you with all of this without any acidity or bitterness at all!

In addition to its taste profile, Araku also has a humanitarian aspect: 25% of your purchase goes towards building more schools in India and Sri Lanka. "A school day starts with breakfast." This motto drives us every day to make Araku the best, most delicious instant coffee for you and your family.

Araku's robust flavors come from 100% Arabica beans - a heritage of excellence dating back over 500 years ago. Araku is made with care in Switzerland: roasted by hand, ground into powder form, sealed airtight inside foil packets before being shipped off on an overnight journey that ends at your doorstep just days later!

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