Top 5 Pheonix claims adjusters

Top 5 Pheonix claims adjusters


An investigation is conducted to determine if an insurance claimant can receive compensation. Claim Adjusters Pheonix deals with property damage claims. It involves looking at damaged areas and determining how they occurred in order to determine the type of coverage that applies. Here are the top Pheonix insurance claim adjusters.

Green Span Co.

The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International has the right public adjuster to help you with your insurance claims. Their 75-year history has seen them help thousands of customers in Western States by their skilled staff. They work to provide superior service and exclusive representation to their clients. They are a leader in Public Adjusting Services. Their public adjusters are able to evaluate your loss, properly prepare, document, submit and settle your claim quickly and fairly.

Hudson Douglas Public Adjusters

Hudson Douglas Public Adjusters was formed by two people who witnessed firsthand the need to provide professional representation to policyholders so that they could quickly and fairly resolve their claims. They had more than 50 combined years of experience in disaster and construction so knew this was something they wanted to do.

Professional Claims Management, Inc.

Professional Claims Management, Inc. is a licensed claim adjuster in Pheonix that legally represents the rights and interests of insured policyholders. Due to their extensive industry knowledge, the management offers complimentary second opinions on settlements offered by insurers. This is a free service that represents your interests as a policyholder.

AJR public adjusters:

AJR will help you maximize your insurance claims, no matter if you are a business owner or property owner. Their experienced team examines all aspects and ensures that every coverage is utilized to maximize your settlement for any loss (fire, windstorms/haboobs), water damage, etc., 24 hour a day. They have over 30 years’ experience in handling claims and can assist with emergency situations.

Select Adjusters:

Select Adjusters are able to help you file your roof insurance claim. They will examine various factors, such metal fragments as well as fallen tree branch limbs, that may have damaged the structure of your home. For an inspection for heavy rain or wind damage that could have caused shingles not to stay in their original place, call them now. They work directly for their clients, not for contractors or insurance companies. They have the ability to get you the results that you want, thanks to their unwavering dedication. They provide excellent customer service and time savings, as well as expert strategies and claim advice to protect the rights and interests of your policyholders.



Pheonix claim adjusters have to deal with many different types of claims. Property damage is an example. This plays a significant role in determining whether a fair settlement can be reached for personal injury, or any other damages that are done to another’s property. A thorough inspection is required from start to finish.

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